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AMS is the UK’s leading independent supplier of mailing and shrink wrapping equipment, offering a wide range of solutions from top industry manufacturers at competitive prices. AMS machines for mail rooms save users time and money by making mailing and packaging processes more efficient.

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An industrial stacker at an affordable cost!

Automatically sorts and stacks cards, envelopes, booklets, magazines and more.

Increase your productivity using the KR630 to automatically sort mail in-line with your addressing system

Sorting mail electronically is more accurate than manual sorting and allows for higher processing speeds. Stacks are output according to pre-set counts and postal code breaks established in the mailing list. An in-line divert gate ensures accuracy by removing purged mail pieces. Setup is a snap using the onboard PLC and operator interface.

Priced and built right, the KR 630 stacks the odds of success in your favour.


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