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AMS is the UK’s leading independent supplier of mailing and shrink wrapping equipment, offering a wide range of solutions from top industry manufacturers at competitive prices. AMS machines for mail rooms save users time and money by making mailing and packaging processes more efficient.

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Inserting mailing pieces into an envelope is a popular production requirement. Sometimes every envelope gets the same insert whilst other jobs require barcode reading capabilities for personalised mailings. Our systems can be built for simple and complex tasks.

The KR521 Envelope Inserter machine is essential for high volume mailings as it can collate, insert and seal mail in one simple process. The large envelope inserter can handle envelopes with an end-flap as well as side flap envelopes and is flexible enough to handle most envelope sizes.

Unlike some envelope inserters that index, the KR 521 runs continuously to reduce maintenance costs and down-time. Up to nine stations can be added. The open, non-cluttered design features a semi-automatic lubrication system, an envelope flap detection circuit, a remote jog switch, and a water misting system for moistening flaps.

Manufactured by world class Kirk-Rudy’s modular engineers, the mail inserter system is compatible with other Kirk-Rudy equipment to give you a wide range of services to offer clients. For example, a Kirk-Rudy Turn-Over Unit with an In-Line Base and a Labelling Head can be added to the KR 521 Envelope Inserter to create a basic mailing system.

The highly reliable top-loading, bottom-feeding Shuttle Feeder features an Automatic Shut-Off with an Indicator Light for mis-feeds, a Jam Release Lever, and a Stop Button that is easy to reach. These features ensure a smooth, safe work flow.

If you require 100% accuracy and quality, AMS’s camera verification systems can be added to most envelope inserter systems to ensure personalised content matches the envelope. It also checks for quality compliance and duplications.

Contact AMS today to find out if the KR521 can solve your mail preparation issues.


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