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AMS Camera Verification System

Product Specification:

The AMS Camera Verification System is simply that! A scanner & software package that checks that your codes are scanable and that your barcodes conform to your pre-set requirements such as:

Sequential checking – Alphanumeric, numeric, ascending & descending, upper & lower case

Grade checking – Check your codes conform to a minimum grade quality

Database creation – Create a database from the codes scanned and export to a csv file

Duplication checking – Checking to see if a code has been seen before in the same database

Pattern checking – Checking that each code contains the correct fixed character in the right places

Image Capture & Quality Reporting – Capture each barcode or document image along with its quality report.

The AMS Camera Verification System can reduce costly re-runs, postage wastage and minimise business risks.

It can also help to provide mailers with a high level of assurance that a barcode (such as the Royal Mail Mailmark) is scanable by sorting machinery and acceptable with certain grading standards.

This simple system can be fitted to almost any printing and finishing equipment and can be configured to suit your exact requirements. We can provide either a very simple low cost solution, with just the software (suitable PC or laptop required) and a barcode scanner to verify the codes, or a complete solution including high capacity and performance PC’s with image capture scanners.

The software, whilst simple to use and learn is also customisable should you need specific codes written or added for your organisation, this may be done as a free future feature release or quoted for prompt delivery.



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