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AMS is the UK’s leading independent supplier of mailing and shrink wrapping equipment, offering a wide range of solutions from top industry manufacturers at competitive prices. AMS machines for mail rooms save users time and money by making mailing and packaging processes more efficient.

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The envelope sealer system can quickly seal your envelopes and comes with an optional automatic stop/start function and optional counter. The unique envelope sealer system can seal up to 300 envelopes per minute, that’s around 18,000 per hour! Users are even able to adjust the output speed if needed. Gummed envelopes of various sizes from 90 to 250mm wide can be sealed and as the machine has low noise levels, it is suited to office environments.

The simple system can work automatically and requires only the loading up of the prepared envelopes. The auto-start/stop option for stacked envelopes means it will stop when the envelopes have run out and only restart when it is re-loaded. There is also an option to integrate a counter.

There is no need to open the envelope flaps manually or hold or press on the piles of letters. The adjustable envelope sealer has a large visible water reservoir so you can see when it needs to be refilled and a self-cleaning moistening roller eliminates the need for maintenance.


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