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Product Specification:

Feed, transport, read, encode and verify RFID Tags with the Kirk-Rudy RFID Encoding System.

The RFID Tag Encoding System feeds, transports, reads, encodes and verifies RFID tags at amazing speeds. At its most basic, the system is made up from a feeder, PC & software, camera, encoder and bases. The unique Kirk-Rudy software has been specially developed to read, encode, validate and track RFID tags.

The RFID Tag Encoding System can also include an inkjet printing system, stacking system, RFID label applicator and conveyor.

Meeting the rigorous demands of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) industry, Kirk-Rudy developed and manufactured the high speed RFID Tag Encoding System primarily to encode and imprint hang tags used in the garment industry. Due to its growing technology the system can also be used in direct mail, wet inlays, dry inlays, labels, wristbands, hard tags, cards, stickers and fobs.


Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 556cm x 117cm x 84cm
  • Shipping Weight: 1174kg
  • Min Product Size: 25mm W x 50mm L
  • Max Product Size: 102mm W x 152mm L
  • Min Thickness: 0.18mm
  • Max Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Compressed Air: 80psi at 0.5cfm
  • Operating Speeds: 600 ft/min (product dependent)
  • Power: 110VAC (15amp, 1ph), 220VAC (40amp, 1ph)



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