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AMS 9900 Tabbing, Stamping and Labeling Machine

Product Specification

The ATS-9900 is arguably the fastest tabbing machine available to date and can quickly and easily apply tabs, labels or stickers to mailpieces. Tabbing is an ideal way to deliver eye-catching mail without the risk of it being pre-opened. The smooth and reliable tabber can apply up to 3 tabs or stamps at a time up to 51mm (2inch) in size on to material up to 13mm in thickness. Aimed at production mailers, the speedy tabber is capable of applying tabs to up to 35,000 mailings per hour.

The ATS-9900 requires an automatic feeder for off-line tabbing. Each mailpiece is fed into the tabber where it contacts an adhesive tab then travels through a set of rollers and the tab is tightly folded and sealed, creating a mail-ready piece. Accuracy is also important and tabs are folded tight to the edge of the piece, without drifting from left to right. Depending on document specifications, the mailpiece can be fed through in different directions, to apply tabs in various locations.
The tabber can be used in-line with a conveyor so tabbed pieces can be stacked in a neat, sequential order for easy removal, or with other mailing equipment such as labellers and address printers.



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