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A3 & A4 Paper Folding Machine – PF460

Product Specification

The AMS PF460 paper folding machine folds A4 and A3 paper so it can easily be inserted in to envelopes.  It takes much of the manual labour out of your mailing process, turning out material for a mass mailing in minutes rather than hours – and prevents painful paper cuts too.

The AMS folding machine is the ultimate in simple push button technology operation. But don’t be fooled by its good looks and office type appearance. Underneath it is one of the most reliable and well built systems on the market and can happily sit in any type of commercial print environment folding large volumes of work at around 14,000 sheets per hour. It can automatically detect paper sizes from A6 to A3 and can hold up to 500 sheets in the feed tray. As well as this, the PF460 machine can be fitted with a modular unit that transforms the machine into a high speed perforating or scoring system.


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