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The AMS Softrip from Wasatch is a sophisticated software that includes a simple set up, intuitive workflow and powerful print controls. It brings together the key settings you need to quickly prepare your images for effective printing. Size, crop, check colour and more without leaving the home screen. The Softrip works perfectly with the AMS M1 and M1C printer.

SoftRIP is the RIP that color experts choose. With 16-bit colour rendering and the exclusive Precision Stochastic Screens™ halftone method, Wasatch achieves excellent color reproduction with perfectly smooth gradients. With Wasatch, beginners look like pros with easy plug-and-play imaging configurations, and experts have all the tools they need to implement even the most complex color workflows.

What Is A RIP?
If you just want to send data to your printer, you can use the driver that came with it. But, if you want to get the quality out of the printer you were hoping for when you bought it, you need a real RIP. A RIP will quickly pay for itself in time and media savings.

Why Do I Need a RIP?
Most large format printers provide some sort of printer driver or rudimentary onboard RIP to convert image file data into a form that your printer can understand. However, most users need more than this in order to achieve anything close to optimal results from their printer.


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